What to do in Cooperstown NY this Summer


An all American village in central New York hidden in between miles of lush forest sitting on sparkling

If you’re even the smallest fan of baseball, you may have heard of Cooperstown being referred to as
America’s Baseball Mecca, and even with that title, most cannot pinpoint this mysterious village on a

Some say Cooperstown is in the middle of no-where, but locals will argue Cooperstown in the middle of

No matter how you see Cooperstown, or what name you may call it by, you’re bound to fall in love with
the all American charm that awakens with the warm sun each summer.

At the break of each new summer, the sun starts to set a little later in the evening, lake waters start to
warm up and become filled with boats and swimmers, Cooperstown opens its doors to thousands of
travelers from all over the nation looking of an American summer adventure.

From long nights of baseball played under an illuminated night sky, the hot afternoon sun warming your
skin while out on the lake, the smell of freshly brewed local beers enjoyed with good friends, and nights
watching to the classics at the opera, there’s something for every traveler coming to Cooperstown to
enjoy this summer.

So, as you prepare for your journey to one of America's best-kept secrets, we recommend the following
activities to truly enjoy "Americas Home Town."

1: The National Baseball Hall of Fame

If you’re coming to Cooperstown, Americas Baseball Mecca, it’s necessary to partake and experience
the history of the sport the town is known for: baseball! We recommend the first stop on your list is
The National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame is committed to preserving the history of American Baseball and
celebrate those individuals who have made the sport America's favorite past time.

Spend the day learning all about the legendary players, coaches, and award-winning managers who
have shaped the sport into what it is we all love today.

On top of all the baseball history, you could ask for, the hall of fame also has a number of events that
go on throughout the summer, and private tours for the die-hard fans!

Come by the hall of fame any day of the week, including weekends, 9am-9pm.

2: Summer opera at Glimmerglass festival

Cooperstown is obviously famous for baseball, but we love Cooperstown because of the variety it has
to offer locals and visitors.
If sports are not your cup of tea, perhaps the musical arts are! If so, the next stop in Cooperstown must
be to see a summer show at the opera at Glimmerglass.
Glimmerglass is a vibrant arts festival that lasts all summer and showcases an opera each year. The
theater has 914 seats situated just 70 feet away from the stage. The theater and seating are designed
so that the opera can be performed as it was intended to be, unamplified. To help opera goers follow
along, there is English text situated about the state to elevate the theater experience.

3: Fenimore art museum

Elaborate on your love for the arts by transitioning from musical art appreciation to the arts physical
form at the Fenimore Art Museum.

The Fenimore Art Museum has an array of collections that focus on preserving the rich American culture
emphasizing on Indian, American Folk, and native Cooperstown art.

This summer you will find preserved letters from Alexander Hamilton in the library, a tribute to American
rock and roll, memorial tributes, and a look into indigenous photography.

There are also a number of live events taking place all summer. Enjoy nights of live music and film,
as the arts are quite literally brought to life.

4: Glimmerglass State Park and Otsego Lake

If this neck of the woods sounds familiar to you, you may have read about it in the Nancy Drew fiction
book, The Secret of Mirror Bay!

Glimmerglass State Park and Otsego Lake are located just 8 miles outside of Cooperstown. Home to a
variety of wildlife and wooded terrain, you can find day time activities for the whole family. Try your hand
at biking, fishing, or kayaking during your day spent in the sun, and when you’re ready to relax,
beaches and campsites are situated all around.  Settle down in the evening with the moonlit views that
make Otsego Lake shimmer.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation in Cooperstown with lakefront views, click here to check out
our luxury properties! What will you be doing this summer?